Payment & Refund Policy

Initial Payment will charge the customer with an initial non-refundable amount if customer choose to pay token amount when the kart / package / travel arrangement is sent for confirmation. If the booking is confirmend then this token amount will be adjusted in the total amount for the booking and if booking is not confirmed then it will be dedcuted and billed as service fee.

If the date of travel is within 7 days of booking date then 100% payment will be charged in advance.

Customer can also choose to pay 100% of booking amount at once and we will process his booking in order to provide him all booking vouchers / confirmation. Except in the case of non-availability or any other factor due to which booking can not be processed.

Final Payment

All the funds / payments must be provided to Maya Travels Private Limited in advance (at least 7 days before travel) so that Maya Travels Private Limited tansfer the booking amount or give ensurity to airlines / supplier / hotel chain / tour operator on your(customer / consumer) behalf.

Billing & Invoicing

After receiving complete payment from the customer, Maya Travels Pvt Ltd will provide debit memo on behalf of the supplier. Final invoice will be raised by the supplier on the name of customer or agent after the completion of service.


All bookings are subject to availability. In case of non-availability of resources / booking components or entire booking, the token amount & booking amount (if received) will be refunded any additioanl loss due to non-availability of resources will not be entertained. It is adviced to make any further bookings only after receiving booking vouchers form Package Kart.

Amendment or Cancellation

Booking can only be changed / cancelled before 4 Days from Travel, after that all bookings are non-changeable and non-refundable.

Non-Availability or Cancallation form Supplier / Service Provider

If in case of cancellation or no show or service not provided (properly or completely) Maya Travels Private Limited / will only provide the refund equal to the refund amount provided by the supplier after deducting our own cost of operation. Refund will only be provided after the funds are received by Maya Travels Private Limited. If in case supplier do not provide the refund amount to Maya Travels Private Limited or Customer then we are not liable / responsible for that. We can fight / argue / discuss with supplier on behalf of our customer but we will not bear the loss in any condition.